Champagne Vinegar (250ml)

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This vinegar is a premium farm produce at Keith, in the Limestone Coast region of South Australia.  Pendleton Vinegars have been designed to compliment our range of premium fine food products.  This vinegar has a beautiful crystal clear appearance.  It has a light taste and goes well with in salads as well as as a dip when stirred into a plate of extra virgin olive oil.

The sediments at the bottom of Champagne Vinegar is a good sign of a flavoursome taste.  This sediment is added to the base wine to create and give that distinctive taste to what the French call, Vinaigre de Reims.



About This Product

Created from Champagne from Reims, this vinegar recalls its French origins, vivacious with a little tartness.  Perfect as a deglaze for sauce, in a vinaigrette with a Pendleton Extra Virgin Olive Oil or to enhance the flavour of food.   This 250ml vinegar has a light taste and goes well with as a dip with an extra virgin olive oil and possibly a sprinkle of dukka.



Champagne Vinaigre de Reims, preservative (E220) <100ppm

Minimum Acidity 5%.  May contain traces of egg.


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