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It started when my very good friend from Adelaide, Helen Lindon, gave me a box of honeycomb. That interesting and delicious box of honey goodness started a hunt for the product. It led me to Annette Ferris, a local honey supplier in Mount Barker near Adelaide.  She and her team were very friendly and passionate about their bees and their produce. Chatting with Annette about her family business brought back memories of my childhood: my mother and her siblings finding honey by hiding under blankets and sticking long sticks into wild bees hives, in the old kampong homes of Singapore. That is a by-gone era, and now we benefit from the hard work of beekeepers like Annette.

Since then, Helen introduced me to her neighbour, Harry Worzfeld of Old Coralinga Organic Cherry Farm.  Besides operating a certified organic cherry farm, Harry keeps bees.  He has over 20 years of apiary experience.  Insecticides could harm bees and so Harry only lets his precious bees free in open, natural, non-agriculture, organic surroundings.  His bees have harvested a limited collection of Yellow Mallee (eucalyptus) honey from the Mount Lofty open organic ranges, rich in flavour and with a subtle hint of violet crumble.  This honey will soon be made available outside of South Australia.

Adelaide Harvests aims to find the best produce from Australia from passionate farmers and producers, and bring them to people outside Australia who are keen in quality healthy foods. During the process, we aim to generate more business for the hardworking and creative people of Adelaide.

Helen’s family owns Marble Hill Cherries in Adelaide Hills. Besides running her Pick-Your-Own Cherry farm, she produces a unique and tasty Cherry Vinegar.  After tasting her handmade product, I believe that such good vinegar should be shared beyond Australia. Helen introduced me to Clint Wylie of the Wylie family, a local family farm who markets her vinegar in their range of products. That visit unveiled a whole range of award-winning extra virgin olive oils and specialty vinegars.

Adelaide Harvests hopes to be the gateway for passionate local producers to share their amazing produces beyond Australia, in the South East Asian region and beyond. I hope that, over time, we will find more interesting high quality products to add to our range. We hope to add new dimensions to your kitchen, from the best farms to your dining table.

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To source and supply healthy natural products that benefit all consumers, including people with dietary sensitivities.


To bring pure, natural, and healthy produce from Adelaide and the Australian regions to the world, enriching our choices of good food.

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