Honey Vinegar Drink

Honey and Vinegar Drink

So I asked my mother what was the recipe for that drink she made for the family time and time again for us to drink as a “good drink for you”.

She told me not 2 things, but 4 things:





That’s either the simplest recipe for a drink I’ve ever heard, or one where she wasn’t even trying.

Then I tried the drink myself.

It immediately reminded me of the ‘honey lemon’ drinks available at kopitiams or food courts, but with a different kind of kick which was pleasant, not alarming. She kept this one on the sweet side, because she preferred it that way.

I blended my own cup with more vinegar to my tastes. Hence, taste.

I did not realize that the drink would help me out in my other job as well. In the stressful mess that is filming a drama show, my camera and production crew were tired and falling ill from fatigue. Mum had just arrived back in town with my brother, and immediately called me and asked where I was. She appeared at our filming location with two flasks of this drink and sped off.

The few crew members who were not daunted by the ‘vinegar’ in the drink took a few cupfuls, and they came out of their sickness a few days later. The others that did not sloughed on with sniffly noses and sore throats.

This honestly should come to no surprise as some, but *I* was the surprised individual at how effective this drink worked! One may expect it to be like its kopitiam cousin – cold, a little sweet and too watered down to enjoy any real health benefits.

Then when you look at what went in, it’s a no-brainer:

– With real whole cherry fruits contributing to the cherry vinegar’s creation, the cherry’s inflammatory properties were involved.

– Vinegar’s acetic acid being a bacteria fighter

– Honey, in enough quantity and form, is also antibacterial and helps fight inflammation. It’s a go-to choice to reduce irritation in the throat for coughs and sore throats.

This is that drink itself, and here is how I like it:

Stir like crazy with a metal spoon and serve chilled. Chug and enjoy.

If you worry that the honey will not dissolve, you may make this concoction with warm to hot water and chill in the fridge before serving. You can also throw in ice cubes just before serving.

Lastly, like my mother and I, different people will enjoy different amounts of sweetness and tartness. You may not get it right immediately, but that’s okay. Adjust your own amounts of honey and vinegar and you will find your preferred balance. You can even go fancy with a slice of lemon, or tonic water. It’s your health boost in a cup to enjoy.

– Mabel

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