Presenting nature's best from Adelaide and the South Australian region

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia. It is known to be a “20 minutes” city as most parts of its city centre are accessible in at least 20 minutes. From Adelaide, you have quick access to local produces such as cherries, fig, grapes, and much more, from the affable land surrounding the city.

Adelaide Harvests brings selected produces from South Australia – direct from local farmers and producers – to your dinner table.

Adelaide Harvests proudly offers honey and honeycomb products straight from the Adelaide Hills and select regions of South Australia, produced by local family businesses. Raw honey is collected by the local bees, and retains its unique flavours through a chemical free, cold press extraction process. Without heat treatment, these honeys preserve their natural enzymes and health giving properties. The honey is sold locally in South Australia.  We now bring them direct to Singapore. Explore the range and find your favorite pot of liquid gold today.

Building on the 130 year tradition of growing olives in the Australian limestone coast region, Pendleton Estate olive groves were established in the early 1990s. To ensure optimum quality and taste, local growers helped establish a state of the art olive mill, now one of the largest in Australia.

Attention to detail from farmgate to plate sets Pendleton Fine Foods apart from other Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) & food producers and has been recognized in Pendleton Extra Virgin Olive Oil, continuously winning food awards for over a decade.

Having developed Australia’s freshest and flavoursome Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the family continues its tradition of fresh natural Australian produce into high quality Canola & Sunflower cooking oil, Vinegar, Table Olives, Salad Dressings and Dukkah.

Adelaide Harvest is happy to be the supplier of these premium extra virgin olive oils, speciality vinegars and dukkah in Singapore.


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